CCTV Surveys

Closed Circuit Television Surveys

When structural problems are suspected in drains and pipework, they need to be accurately identified and diagnosed. The more accurate the diagnosis, the more accurate the solution. That’s the philosophy behind our Closed Circuit Television Surveys.
Specially developed state-of-the-art camera technology, which produces high quality colour pictures, allows our Technical Surveyor to take a ‘close-up’ look at the inside of the drains, pipes and sewers. These surveys identify the cause and nature of blockages whilst checking for internal conditions and pipework integrity.

The camera is propelled through the pipework by either a semi-rigid rod or powerful tractor to distances of up to 300 metres. cctv survey
Pipes with internal diameters ranging from 25mm to 900mm can be inspected and the results used to determine the most practical and cost-effective method of repair.

The camera findings are displayed on a screen along with its exact position within the pipe. These pictures, along with full written text, are recorded onto a DVD to substantiate the survey report for later fault analysis. If you would like us to pay a site visit to go through the findings with you or any of your team, we will happily oblige at no additional cost.
All our CCTV surveys come complete with a fully comprehensive report produced from a dedicated software reporting programme (Wincam). The report identifies and recommends the most economical and cost effective method of repair.
Quick and accurate problem identification enhances our reputation for fast, efficient and cost effective maintenance.